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Watts Kobe Bryant Memorial Mural

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Paying Tribute to the Legend

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August 23, 1978 - January 26, 2020

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After the tragic accident of the helicopter transporting Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the seven other passengers, PeQue was inspired to honor the life and legacy of the NBA Legend and the other victims with a memorial mural. PeQue immediately reached out to the East Side Riders Bike Club and the LIQUID team to gather support. Ironically, Founder/CEO John Jones III of ESRBC, expressed to PeQue just a few days prior to the accident how the current mural (at the time) on the old Watts fire station wall was irreparably peeling; and how he had sought out the artists whom he'd originally commissioned to create it to no avail. Furthermore, he explained to PeQue how the mural that was becoming an eyesore needed to be replaced with a fresh new look that would encourage and inspire the Watts Community. So when PeQue (with mockup drawing in hand) reached out to John with the idea to do a 'Kobe Memorial Mural'; and in turn John reached out to the community leaders and the City Council Member for permission, the project was swiftly green-lighted by all. 

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  • LIQUID Arts & Productions and East Side Riders funded initially funded all of the efforts.

  • Once the project was in process, donors helped to support through monetary and a host of other helpful ways.

  • it took 2 days, 10 volunteers and a vigorous concentrated effort just to strip the unsightly peeling paint of the once beautiful previous mural 

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  • The two story 80 foot wide wall was a huge undertaking that ultimately required lift equipment.

  • PeQue did the vast majority of the artwork, but received valuable help form countless volunteers. 

  • Several artists and community supporters gave countless hours to help complete the project

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News Story

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Video Coverage


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KNBC Los Angeles

Finally finished and signed

Thanks Everyone who helped make this happen!!!

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