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Music • Dance • Creative Writing • Drama • Filmmaking • Stage Productions • Visual Art

The LIQUID Project is the non-profit arm of the LIQUID family committed to supporting and developing growth in our youth. Through our work with schools and various community programs, we fulfill needs, perform, teach, inspire, and create safe platforms for teens and young adults. Through the arts LIQUID encourages them to express themselves.

We have locations in Southern California and the Metro Atlanta Area of Georgia. Our reach has been worldwide since 2006.

Performing Artists




• Fuse Live Visual Art with Music, Spoken Word, Dance, Song, and Filmmaking

• Develop and educate youth through the Arts

• Create cutting-edged  productions with relatable, compelling storytelling 

• Entertain and encourage youth and adults alike


Servants in the Community




• Use Visual & the Performing Arts to give voice and come along side those of underserved communities

• Create Murals to beautify neighborhoods and energize neighbors

• Teach classes a variety of the Arts


    To spark an awareness of the arts while teaching a variety of disciplines within the arts
    To share the skills, knowledge, and professional insights with the next generation of        

     prospective artists.


Purpose Coaches



• Help young people identify their passions. 
• Assist youth in finding their purposes
• Encourage youth to seek their dreams in relationship to their passions and purposes



What's New?

Upcoming Events

Sandy Springs Spring/Summer 2024 

Blue Rose Gallery Exhibitions

Sandy Springs Juneteenth Exhibit

Inglewood Mural Project

LIQUID Anniversary Celebration

Gary, Indiana Summer 2024 Workshop

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