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Fine Artist • Illustrator  

Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, fine artist PeQue developed his eye and honed skills as an artist in the armed forces, as a community leader and as a youth mentor. He has been the subject of and a featured artist for television shows, films and commercials for more than 35 years. PeQue’s body of work includes mural commissions for Vice President Kamala Harris, Hall of Famers Landon Donovan, Cobi Jones and for the City of Los Angeles (a mural tribute to the late Kobe Bryant). He founded LIQUID Arts Studios in both Los Angeles, CA and Metropolitan Atlanta, GA; an all arts collective aimed at providing guidance to disenchanted youth and young adults through the arts. PeQue is currently working with cities across the US to revitalize communities and schools with large custom murals engaging community support and youth input.



Artist Statement

Many things inspire me to create art. Yet, love is the motivation behind everything I do. Like everyone, I love to see beautiful things. So I create them. But more than that, I have a great love for the overlooked, unsuspecting and nuanced; love for the outcast and ridiculed; and a deep love for hidden beauty in things that have been deemed ugly by society. While I am prone to create things that provoke thought and evoke conversation, I love most to see positive paradigm shifts as a result of my creations.

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