PeQue Artist


Fine Artist • Illustrator                                              


Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, PeQue developed his eye and honed skills for visual art while traveling the world for military service, teaching in the church as an associate pastor, and serving as a community activist in cities throughout the United States of America. He has borrowed from these varied experiences to create art in a variety of disciplines, genres, and styles. Whether painting vibrant murals to beautify urban blight, creating collage portraits of iconic legends, or illustrating scenes on canvas of everyday life, PeQue utilizes color, craft, and technique to inspire hope and promote unity everywhere he goes. To assist the underserved and support the disenchanted, he founded LIQUID, an all arts collective aimed at creating platforms to encourage and mentor people through performing and visual art.


PeQue currently has Studio and Gallery locations in Southern California and the Metro Atlanta, Georgia Region. 

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