32"x 48"


Colin Kaepernick took a knee for those who could not stand for themselves. He endured harsh criticism, ridicule, death threats and the loss of his career to bring attention to the injustice young men and women of color were recieving as a result of unfair practices by certain members of law-enforcement, Artist PeQue created the artwork with the expressed intentions to recognize and pay tribute to Kaepernick's sacrifice.

Kneel for Justice

Canvas Prints
  • Gallery Wrap 1.5"

    High quality stretched canvas wraps are prints at high on semi­gloss canvas material. To ensure the highest quality and precision each canvas is carefully hand wrapped onto MDF stretcher frames.

    • MDF stretcher frame 
    • Free hanging accessory kit included
  • Canvases are packaged and shipped out via Fedex within 48 hours of order being placed

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