A Work in Progress

This project came a long way. We started with very few resources but had a vision. I reached out to John Jones III from East Side Riders Bike Club and said, “let’s do a tribute to Kobe”. Without hesitation he said, “let’s do it”. Then, he went to work to make it happen. We then discovered the huge wall that we planned to use was in horrible shape; cracked paint, peeling stucco, and even had some significant structural damage (where someone had backed a truck into it). Yet, the outpouring of people and support has been overwhelming. Although no one got paid on this project and while we made tremendous personal sacrifices, going deep into our pockets, the community rose to help in amazing fashion. Both Councilmen Joe Busciano and Herb Wesson helped us get through the permitting process, ensuring we had the city’s backing. Home Depot donated a boom lift. Lowe’s donated paint. Many friends, family, acquaintances, and passers-by donated paint, food (we were never hungry out there), tools, and helping hands. Folks came from near and far. There were pastors, politicians, the well-to-do, homeless, elders, middle aged, youth, artists and not-so-artists all working side by side to help us bring my vision to life. In a little more than a week, we transformed the old Watts fire station wall from a worn tattered mural wall to a tribute and celebration to the legacy of Kobe Bryant as well as a memorial to all who lost their lives on in that tragic accident on January 26th. 

My hope is that this will be a true blessing and encouragement to all who see it; a healing for the community. I’m so honored that I was able to see this through with the wonderful people of Watts, California. Also, thanks to all of you for your many kind words, well wishes, and adorations!

Although THERE’S QUITE A FEW DETAILS TO BE DONE BEFORE I’LL CALL IT FINISHED, we had to take a break to GET BACK TO WORK THAT PAYS. So for now, (until we can afford to get back to it), I’ll settle to call it “done for now”. Stay tuned for updates. If you’d like to support, go to the GoFundMe for this project in the previous post.

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